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Maxidents Happen

     "Have you ever messed up so badly your parents have grounded you for an entire year? Well, maybe not a year, exactly. It just feels that long. One time I was grounded for six whole weeks for riding my bike into my mum's brand-new car. Six weeks! Talk about unfair. It was an accident. It's not as if I meant to put a massive dent in the car door and smash the side mirror on purpose. That's the last thing I'd want to do.

     To make matters worse, the day before my grounding was due to end, I accidentally knocked a glass of juice over Dad's laptop. That didn't end well either. My dad threatened to send me off to some bootcamp for kids where they make you clean the toilets with some manky looking toothbrush. The problem with my parents is, they've forgotten what it's like to be a kid. I mean, accidents happen, right?"

Nine-year-old, Max has a talent for creating more than his fair share of trouble.  He doesn't mean for things to go wrong. The problem is, the harder he tries to fix the situation, the worse it becomes. As he flounders his way from one accidental disaster to another, there's always guaranteed to be more mix-ups and mayhem along the way.

Flood Zone

When Max accidentally leaves the bath running upstairs, nothing could prepare him for the chaos that follows. To make matters worse, the family have left the house for the day to attend various sporting activities.

It's not until a half-time break at Max's footy game, that he suddenly realises the bath is still running at home.

With his parents at his sister's netball grand-final, Max has no choice but to take some random kid's bike from the footy ground so he can ride home and start bucketing out the water before his parents get there first. However, unfortunately for Max, things don't always go according to plan.

Maxidents Happen - Junior Fiction Novel

Paperback - $8.95

eBook - $5.95

Maxidents Happen Book Launch

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