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My Gran Does Karate - Children's Picture Book - Published by Larrikin House

"My Gran Does Karate celebrates the connection of grandparents and grandchildren in a humorous and engaging way.

It debunks stereotypes and highlights the fact that grandmothers can have their own goals and achieve their own dreams.

This story will encourage young readers to try something new, be active and have fun!"

Maxidents Happen - Junior Fiction Novel

My Gran Does Karate 

"My gran does karate. She knows how to block and chop, and how to kick and spin.

Don't let her wrinkles and old skinny, bones fool you. My gran is really strong!"

This legendary Gran  is about to Hiii-Yah her way into your heart and show you what real Grannies are made of. 

But who will be in the firing line when she chops and blocks her way all over town?

My Gran Does Karate - Children's Picture Book - Published by Larrikin House

Maxidents Happen - Flood Zone 

When Max accidentally leaves the bath running upstairs, nothing could prepare him for the chaos that follows. To make matters worse, the family have all left the house for the day to attend various sporting activities.

Will Max make it home in time to save his house from flooding, or will he find himself in serious trouble?

Nine-year-old, Max has a talent for creating more than his fair share of chaos.  He doesn't mean for things to go wrong. The problem is, the harder he tries to fix the situation, the worse it becomes. As he flounders his way from one accidental disaster to another, there's always guaranteed to be more mix-ups and mayhem along the way.

Maxidents Happen - Junior Fiction Novel
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