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 Maxidents Happen ~ Flood Zone


When Max accidentally leaves the bath running upstairs, nothing could prepare him for the chaos that follows. To make matters worse, he and his family have left the house for the morning and won't be back for several hours. 

It's not until a half-time bathroom break at Max's footy game that he suddenly remembers he's left the tap running at home. With his parents now at his sister's netball grand-final, Max has no choice but to take some random kid's bike from the footy field, so he can ride home and hopefully bucket out the water before his parents find out.

Will Max make it home in time to save his house from flooding, or will he find himself in serious trouble?

Discussion Topics Before Reading

Title Of The Book:

~  Identifying the protagonist's name in the series title.

~  What does the series title tell you about Max.

Discussion Topics After Reading

Max's initial dilemma occurred, not only because he didn't allow himself enough time to fix his kayak, but he was also attempting to do too many thing at the same time.

Discuss the benefits of time management, as well as the issues associated with multi-tasking.


Discuss the difference between verbs and adverbs. 

Write a short story about the following:

What would you do if you accidentally broke something important/special that belonged to you parents, sibling or friend. 


Design your very own Maxidents Happen bookmark. 

Michel Deverall