Captain Chaos ~ The Series

You don't earn the nickname, Captain Chaos by being the most awesome kid on the planet. Just ask Billy. 

Nine-year-old, Billy Bradshaw has a talent for creating more than his fair share of chaos. He doesn't mean for things to go wrong. Problem is, the harder he tries to fix the situation, the worse it usually becomes. As he flounders his way from one chaotic disaster to another, there's always guaranteed to be more mix-ups and mayhem along the way.

Introducing, Billy Bradshaw

     "Have you ever messed up so badly your parents have grounded you for an entire year? Well, maybe not a year, exactly. It just feels that long. One time I was grounded for six whole weeks for riding my bike into my mum's brand-new car. Six weeks! Talk about unfair. It was an accident. It's not as if I meant to put a massive dent in the car door and smash the side mirror on purpose. That's the last thing I'd want to do. I even tried doing extra chores around the house, like polishing all the door handles and stuff, so Mum would take it easy on me. I shouldn't have bothered. That just made her think of even more stuff for me to do.


     To make matters worse, two days before my grounding was due to end, I accidentally knocked a glass of juice over Dad's laptop. That didn't end well either. In fact, my dad threatened to send me off to some boot-camp for kids, where they make you clean the toilets with some manky looking toothbrush.

    The problem with my parents is, they've forgotten what it's like to be a kid. I mean, accidents happen, right?

Captain Chaos ~ Flood Warning

When Billy accidentally leaves the bath running upstairs, nothing could prepare him for the chaos that follows. To make matters worse, everyone has left the house for the day to attend various sporting activities.

It's not until a half-time break at Billy's footy game, that he suddenly realises the bath is still running at home.

With his parents at his sister's netball grand-final, Billy has no choice but to take some random kid's bike from the footy ground so he can ride home and start bucketing out the water before his parents get there first.

However, as you'll soon come to expect from Billy, things don't always go according to plan.

Captain Chaos & The Mobile Phone Fiasco

There are three reasons why you should never use a mobile phone in the toilet:


1.  It’s not hygienic.

2.  Multi-tasking can be tricky.

3.  See below:

When Billy discovers his dad’s new, mobile has one of the coolest games on the planet, he can’t wait to get his hands on it. Problem is, he’s not allowed anywhere near the phone, let alone use it to play video-games. Unable to resist the temptation, Billy waits until his dad is busy outside before he risks a quick game.


As he frantically tries to make it to the next level before his dad finishes mowing, Billy suddenly needs to use the toilet. So as to not waste valuable playing time, he decides to take the phone with him. However, things quickly take a turn for the worst when the phone accidentally slides out of Billy’s hand and dunny-dives into the toilet.


When his dad finds out, Billy is grounded "indefinitely." Or, until he can finally prove to his parents once and for all, he can behave more responsibly.


Follow Billy’s journey as he secretly masterminds a plan to try to raise enough money to buy his dad a new phone. Not only to prove how responsible he can be, but so he’s not grounded until he’s old enough to shave. The question is, can Billy pull it off, or will he find himself in more trouble than he bargained for?



 Captain Chaos & The Mobile Phone Fiasco

     I'm being chased down a dark subway tunnel. Whoever, or whatever is behind me is now gaining on my fast.

I just wish I had my torch so I could see where I'm going. Problem is, I lost it back at level five when I was fighting the headless dude with the invisible sword. Before I go any further, let me quickly fill you in on what's happened so far.

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