Guest Speaker


Over the last few years, I've had the pleasure of speaking at various events, both in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. Some of which include, "Romancing The Stars" 2016," which is an annual event organised by, Book Links Qld, and gives people the opportunity to "speed date" both authors and illustrators who currently have either children's or YA books published.


I've also spoken at various, workshops, including "Share Your Story"—founded in 2016 by Director and children's author, Michelle Worthington. Michelle's workshops and events are aided by children's industry professionals, such as, editors, writers, agents, illustrators, art directors, publishers and academics who are committed to helping people raise their creative potential and reach their goals.


 Captain Chaos ~ Flood Warning

          When we arrive at the footy field, Coach Muldoon is already warming up the team.

          "Do you plan on being a bunch of losers your whole life?" I hear him shout, as the guys sprint across the field.  

          Okay, let's get something straight. When it comes to coaching, Muldoon totally stinks. The problem is he's a control freak. It's no secret that no-one on our team likes him. Unfortunately, for Jake's dad, it's his turn to umpire this week's match. It's not that he doesn't like umpiring or anything. But, I'm pretty sure he'd rather have his teeth removed with a pair of rusty pliers than umpire one of Muldoon's games.

          "Don't be afraid to get in there and fight for the ball," he shouts, slamming his fist into the palm of his hand. "I want to see you lads playing like champions for a change instead of a bunch of sissies."

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